Never Stop Walking will soon be published in Brazil

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26 years ago I was adopted from Brazil to Sweden. The year was 1991 when I left my home country after having an incredibly tough childhood.

My life began in a cave in the middle of the Brazilian wilderness and it continued on the streets of Sao Paulo. I left a country that pretends to not see the reality that I had and that so many other street and poor children still have to face every day. There is no education, no health care, no home and sometimes no food either. It is still a big problem for millions of Brazilian children.

After living in Sweden for 26 years I can say that life here is not necessarily always easy, but at least it is a life that grants me by human rights and that gives me a chance to fulfil my dreams. Sweden is a country that means a lot to me as an entrepreneur, as a health person and, above all, as an author.

My book will be published in Brazil on August 28 , and to have had the opportunity to share my story with the wonderful Swedish people is just wonderful. However, it is impossible for me to describe the feeling I have when I stop to think that my story will now be read in Brazil as well, in the very country where everything started. A country that needs to read my story and that must start paying attention to the children and to the tough reality they live in every single day. A country that must start taking responsibility for all its citizens. But I know that Brazil is also a country that is capable of giving so much love. I am sure about this, otherwise I would never go there again.

To my Brazilian compatriots that follow not only my story but also the story of many other children: after you read my book, please tell me one thing: don’t all children deserve good childhood and a promising future?

My kindest and warmest regards,

Christiana & Christina.

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