Coelho Growth is a non-partisan and religiously independent foundation founded in 2016 by Christina Rickardsson as a result of her autobiography “Never Stop Walking” (published in Sweden in November 2016 and in Brazil in August 2017). The book tells of grief, friendship, loss and love – a love that stretches into infinity and back again, a love that warms the heart. It is Christina’s astonishing story of survival, a story about how two completely different worlds has shaped her and how she has fought to become the person she is today.

The foundation’s aim is to improve the lives of children and young people who are in the same vulnerable situation that Christina once was during the part of her childhood when she lived in Brazil. Through to the donations and other contributions we receive, we want to help create better living conditions for children so that they can have the chance of having a promising future. Our work is done directly in Brazil, where we help to provide food, education and clothing, and where we also make sure that the children can have a safe and happy childhood.

We believe that all children should have a chance to have a better life. All of them should have a chance to get education and to grow up in hopes for a better future where they can make their dreams come true. Our work began at Lar da Infância de Nice, one of the orphanages that exist in São Paulo and where Christina Rickardsson lived during a part of her childhood.

The foundation also works with young people in Sweden, helping to fight xenophobia and promote cultural exchanges.

Christina Rickardsson, president
Johanna Lindqvist, vice-president
Rivia Oliveira, vice-president


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